Is your portfolio aligned with your mission?

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View your impact mission through the iPAR lens

iPAR Impact Themes
iPAR Geography

iPAR enables precise insights into actual portfolio composition as compared to mission intention and alignment

Thematic Alignment: What problems are you solving?

iPAR Themes

iPAR Themes

Broadly define your impact goals

  • Many investors have a vaguely defined mission, and are not sure how best to align it with the growing universe of impact investment opportunities
  • Though others are very clear about the impact they want to catalyze, there exists no standardized impact classification taxonomy that addresses every asset class
iPAR Building Blocks

Building Blocks

Refine the impact mission into an intuitive taxonomy

  • Until now, there's been no easy way for investors to walk through an intuitive range of impact categories
  • Building Blocks serve as the connective tissue between a strategy's thematic orientation and impact metrics

Geographic Alignment: Where is your focus?

iPAR Geography

iPAR Geography

Define your geographic focus

  • Many investors know where they'd like to generate impact, but cannot map with clarity managers' divergently defined focal regions
  • Investors also need to have the ability to discern what portion of their capital is allocated within a particular area of the world
iPAR Geography - Actual Investments

Actual Investments

Visualize your investments across the globe

  • Focus is one thing - but where are the companies, projects, and properties to which capital is being deployed?
  • Every investor appreciates a precise illustration of where in the world their capital is being activated for impact - especially if geography is their primary orientation for where they are investing
iPAR Geography - Manager Locations

Manager Locations

Identify the office sites of the people managing your money

  • "Boots on the ground" is a critical component of every impact investment strategy, and should therefore be reflected in any platform that imparts insight about an impact portfolio
  • Given investors' global networks and travels, many want to know where their asset managers are located in order to connect

Fund Search: Who is pursuing impact strategies that align with my mission?

iPAR Manager Database

iPAR Fund Database

  • Search and filter by Themes and Building Blocks
  • Search for investment opportunities across asset classes
  • Review Impact Profiles
  • Find investment opportunities pursuing the social and/or environmental benefits you hope to catalyze with your capital

Manager Review: What impact strategy is a manager pursuing? Where?

iPAR Manager Profile

iPAR Fund Profile

  • Simply & succintly understand a fund's impact strategy and geographic focal areas
  • View the metrics that a manager has chosen to track

Metrics Review: What metrics should I be thinking about?

iPAR Metrics Database

iPAR Metrics Database

  • View a broad set of metrics that align with your mission
  • Generate a set of Primary Metrics that are important to you