iPAR bridges the disconnect

  • Streamlines communication between investors and investees
  • Standardizes classification of any capital deployment with impact intent
  • Facilitates top-down evaluation of impact investments and grants
  • Contextualizes impact measurement across asset classes

What problems are you solving?

Where is your focus?

Impact Framework

  • Currently no standardized way to classify impact intent or geographic focus
  • Categorization supports recognition, differentiation, and comprehension – three characteristics that will be essential for new investors entering the ecosystem
  • For investors: iPAR accelerates identification of mission-aligned strategies
  • For managers: iPAR promotes clarification of impact intentions

Assess and pursue the
impact you seek

iPAR Impact Evaluation

Impact Evaluation

  • An iPAR profile disaggregates every manager’s impact intentions into the most important components (Building Blocks)
  • Each of the Building Blocks are then evaluated separately from their financial return expectations – facilitating comparison of dissimilar investments
  • The risks to impact creation are also distilled into an quantifiable figure
  • This assessment creates a baseline against which future progress can be evaluated

Understand the impact
of your investments

iPAR Impact Reporting

Impact Reporting

  • Existing impact data is incomprehensible across an entire portfolio of impact investments
  • Currently no way to aggregate divergent impact reports that are distributed by every investee
  • iPAR addresses this difficulty via an intuitive framework, which harmonizes disparate impact data
  • Returns are reported at both the portfolio and investee level




iPAR Metrics

An evolution in the way metrics are reported and evaluated

iPAR Metrics Database

Impact Metrics

  • Fosters two-way communication between impact managers and investors
  • Contextualizes each impact metric
  • Illuminates historic performance to see accumulation of impact over time
  • Codifies manager expectations and targets to facilitate improved analysis