iPAR Impact Reporting... simple, clear, comprehensive

How do you understand the impact of your investments?

iPAR Portfolio Level Impact Reporting

Portfolio Level Impact Reporting

Tracks the ongoing impact performance of ALL impact investments and/or grants in a single composite level view

  • Impact Activation %: What portion of my total portfolio is invested with an impact mandate?
  • Impact Strategy & Execution Risk: How is my portfolio performing?
  • Heat Map: How is my portfolio currently allocated from an impact perspective?
  • Geography Map: Where is my portfolio currently allocated from a geographic perspective?
iPAR Impact Updates

iPAR Impact Updates

Conveys the impact performance and metrics for each investee within the portfolio

  • Summary of key impact drivers for the quarter
  • Summary of important impact metrics for the quarter
iPAR Ratings Changes

iPAR Ratings Changes

Highlights revised analysis of every investee

  • Ratings Change Modal describes rationale for rating change
  • Highlights metrics that led to the change
iPAR Metrics Update

iPAR Metrics Update

Comprehensive list of metrics reported across the portfolio

  • Sortable by Theme, Building Block, and metric type
  • Designed to emphasize important portfolio insights