iPAR... an evolution in metrics reporting and evaluation

Metrics today fail to properly inform investors for several reasons:

  1. Too esoteric/specific: litany of minutia-filled metrics defies concise communication and easy interpretation
  2. Devoid of necessary context: some investors don't understand what is being tracked... or why
  3. Indiscernible significance: some managers report metrics that aren't tied to their impact strategy success
  4. Missing target/goals: results oftentimes exist in a vacuum, with no way to ascertain performance

Result: Four common questions we often receive:

  1. How do I make sense of this overwhelming amount of data?
  2. Why does that metric matter?
  3. Is this important?
  4. Is that a good result?

Designed to be a two-way communication tool between those who report and those who consume impact metrics

iPAR Metrics

iPAR Metrics Modal

Provides comprehensive metrics data in a single view to improve communication and evaluation

  • Asset managers can contextualize their use of a particular metric
  • Investors can perform deeper data analysis for apples-to-apples comparisons across portfolio companies
  • Anyone can access an array of geographic and numeric metric data
iPAR Primary Metrics

Primary Metrics

Indicate metrics that tend to be representative of major impact themes

  • Aids in identifying metrics that have broad applicability across a collection of managers/funds, and therefore, an entire portfolio
  • Allows additional metrics to be aggregated across a portfolio, where applicable
  • The term primary is NOT meant to denote importance