How will your investors tell your impact story?

How does iPAR help?

  • iPAR offers standardized impact classification and metrics
  • Dynamic visual data highlights the nuances of your impact strategy
  • Transparent communication with the various impact actors

Communicating impact... with the manager in mind

iPAR Manager Profile

iPAR Fund Profile

Designed to simply and succintly communicate your impact strategy to a targeted and qualified audience

  • Illustrate your impact intention(s) through iPAR's intuitive iconography
  • Select and reflect intended impact returns from iPAR's metric database
  • Provide contact information for inbound inquiries
iPAR Metrics Modal

iPAR Metrics Modal

Designed to help managers contextualize their metrics

  • Metric Definition: Derived, where possible, from the IRIS Metrics catalog
  • Why Does This Matter?: Describe the relevance of this metric to your strategy
  • What Is Expected?: Detail how you expect this metric to evolve
  • Target: State your numeric goal for a metric
  • Reporting: Indicate the frequency with which you'll report
  • Inception: Reflect when you began tabulating this metric

The iPAR Fund Database

Today, many investors struggle to easily identify impact opportunities that are aligned with their interests. The result is a flow of capital that is insufficient to solve the world's most intractable problems.

Our goal with this database is to make it easy for those seeking impact to find those generating impact.

We have attempted to identify and categorize every impact fund, public and private, across all asset classes. We have showcased hundreds of managers, categorizing their thematic and geographic foci, in a simply and visually compelling manner.

This upfront classification is free, for managers as well as investors.

Is your fund here?

If so, please review your iPAR profile, and be sure to contact us if you'd like to modify or enhance it.

Did we miss your fund offering?

Note that this database is not exhaustive, yet. We've merely done our best to classify the several hundred managers with whom we are familiar. If you'd like to be included, we'd love to get to know you. Contact us here.

In the future, this database will provide managers with a portal through which they can easily disseminate their impact data.

iPAR Manager Database