What does odd and even mean in betting

Statistics show that betting on even/odd is liked by both betting beginners and experienced bettors. For beginners, this type of betting is attractive because any sporting event is suitable for placing bets, and you do not need to be an expert in sports to do this. Playing this strategy is simple, you can do it even daily.

However, it is still not recommended to bet on even and odd on an ongoing basis. This is because the result largely depends not on the correct analysis, but on luck, a happy accident.

The bet Odd and Even mean, that the player tries to predict some numerical indicator formed according to the results of the event. Will the number of goals scored or pucks, shots, etc. be even or odd? For example, if a football match ends with a score of 2-1, the number of goals scored will be 3 – the bet on the odds will win.

Bets can be placed not only on the total score but also on results for different periods. The standard odds for such bets are 1.8 or 1.9 – for both mutually exclusive results. If the account is not opened, the result is equal.

In general, this type of betting strategy is similar for many sports, however, there are some specific differences, which we will discuss further.

Odd/even in football

There are not so many goals scored in this sport, therefore, predicting the results of the total (final score) is relatively easier than for other sports competitions. Even and odd bets are especially profitable for players if there are approximately 2 equal rivals. Such matches often end in a draw, this result is one of the most probable.

If you play odd/even in football, you can try to avoid bad luck:

  • in most of these cases, money is a bet on even, if one team loses to the other by 2 goals – this will be an excellent result for the player who bet money;
  • in the case of betting on odds, it is better to select games where clubs with a large difference in the potential meet.

Even though for many beginners such a strategy resembles a game of roulette with a similar outcome, it is much more difficult to predict the odds in practice. You should have clear arguments in favor of such a decision.

Even and Odd in Tennis

Quotes change as the game progresses, it directly depends on the results of individual sets. This is where the strategy of catch-up is often used. That is, the new bet is constantly increased if the previous one fails until the losses are won back. There is also the “anti-trend” tactic. That is, if tennis players have completed several games on even, you need to bet on the opposite result.


Do not forget that the length of the game is different for competitions in Europe and Asia. Even/odd basketball is especially good in Live mode. You can wait until half of the game time has passed, so it will be a little easier to predict the outcome. Many people make a bet, literally, 2-3 minutes before the game is over. The catch-up strategy is also used here.

Even/Odd Betting Tips

A few universal recommendations to help you organize the optimal gaming experience:

  • try to find a bookmaker with odds not lower than 1.9, but better – 1.95. This way you will ensure yourself the highest possible profit as a result of victory;
  • it is recommended to divide the amount of your bank into several equal parts, at least 7-8, and preferably 10-15 because, in addition to winnings, there are also failures. You need to be able to win back losses;
  • catch trends – bet on the opposite result. For example, if a certain team has played even for several matches in a row – the probability of odd total increases with each game, and the chances of you winning also increase;
  • suppress emotions, if failures haunt you, this wave will subside soon. The stats say that odd/even odds are very close to each other, so you’re bound to win soon, just keep betting as planned.

The advantages of odd/even betting also include the absence of the need to study the statistics of other matches and playing teams. This type of betting is easy to understand and suitable for learning the game process and mastering the practical use of betting company websites by beginners. Such players need to remember that the overall financial bankroll should not be used to make 1 or 2 large bets at once – you take a big risk and can lose all the money at once.

The disadvantages of the even/odd game include the lack of high odds. In practice, it is not easy to meet coefficients above 1.9. This strategy is not suitable for the long game, rather, this is a field for a little entertainment and practical training for beginners.