What is the meaning of 1×2 in betting

Sports betting is a popular pastime for beginners and experienced bettors alike. And if experienced players are well versed in all the subtleties of the process, beginners simply lack knowledge. Our articles are designed to eliminate such illiteracy: quickly and understandably.

So, when studying the offers of betting companies, you often see the designation “1X2”, but what does it mean? Everything is simple, now we will decode all these characters. So, let’s get started with the explanation:

  • 1 – this number denotes the victory of the first team. Games are played on the road and at the home stadium, one is the host of the sporting battle, the host. For example, on May 28, 2023, the Chelsea – Newcastle United match was held in London, which ended in victory for the hosts. In this case, we can say that the bet on win 1 worked, and bettors who made it received a well-deserved profit.
  • X – draw result. Fixed when teams failed to gain an advantage. Different time intervals can be taken into account to take into account the result, we will talk about this later. Note that many matches, such as play-offs or competition finals, simply cannot end in a draw. According to the rules of such meetings, the winner will be determined without fail. If the regular time of the game ends in a draw, 2 extra times will be added. And even if they do not help to determine the strongest, penalties will be assigned (for football matches).
  • 2 – this number means the victory of the guests. This ratio is often slightly higher. It is believed that home conditions give a slight advantage to the hosts, including the support of the army of fans, which is an important factor influencing the victory. If the odds of the two teams are equal, the bookmakers’ preference (and lower odds) will be given to the receiving side.

For which markets is the 1X2 bet available?

As it can be understood thanks to simple logic, it is possible to predict the outcome of the game according to such a scenario only for those competitions and championships where three options for the outcome of the game are possible: the victory of the host team, the victory of guests and a draw.

Not every competition can end with such a result. For example, a race among track and field athletes, where several athletes take part at once, simply does not have such options. Even two-sided games cannot always end within these three finals, we wrote about this just above.

How to deal with 1X2 odds

In the past, bookmakers used a double designation to designate bet odds, for example, “2 to 1” or “1.6: 1”. The first number here is the size of your winnings, and the second is the amount that you need to bet and at the same time correctly predict the outcome of the game.

For example, betting 100 euros at a 2 to 1 odds and a successful outcome of the match will earn you 200 euros. Or a little less if the platform deducts the commission – the conditions need to be specified for each specific bookmaker.

But recently, the current quotes began to be denoted simply by one number, for example, 1.8 or 2.6 – this is your final win at a standard rate of 1 unit. This designation saves time for its writing and has become familiar to many players.

If you see the set quotes in the spirit: 1X2 – 2 / 6.2 / 11 – this means that a 1 to 2 coefficient is set for the hosts’ victory, a 1 to 6 draw for a match outcome, and as much as 11 to 1 for the away win. Such big (and even higher) odds occur when there are teams on the field with a significant difference in potential. Despite the tempting quotes for the guests to win, such a bet should be treated as carefully as possible – after all, no one will set a high odd just like that, and it will be very difficult to win in this case.

What related designations may occur

For example, you can see the abbreviation HTFT 1X2 – here we are talking about the halftime&fulltime bet – this is a double type of bet when players try to predict the outcome of the game after the completion of its full half and after the end of the whole match. That is, if you see an HTFT 1/1 bet, it means that the player predicted the victory of the home team both as of the half-time break and in its final result.

You can also bet on individual results of the first, second half, fourth quarter, and even the first 10 minutes of the game – these markets can be presented in your bookmaker, check on the website, or application.

You can also come across other designations, for example, “1X2 over 2.5” – it stands for a bet on the victory of either of the two teams, a draw, and the number of goals scored per game over 2.5. If you bet money in this way, your team won, and 3 goals flew into the net during the game – your bet worked, congratulations!